What health and care devolution means for London

The London Health and Care Devolution act gives London to make decisions about its health and care services, at a local level. This means that 8.6 million Londoners can now benefit from faster and wider reaching improvements to health and care.

London Partners (Clinical Commissiong Groups, London Councils, the City of London, the Mayor of London, NHS England and Public Health England) secured this devolution deal with national government to improve health and care across the city.

This deal will bring many benefits to Londoners and their health and care services, including:

  • an end to services which operate in silos and the creation of a seamless health experience for patients
  • care provided closer to home
  • better use of NHS buildings and land
  • improved health outcomes for all Londoners

How it can work

Areas across London have been already been trialling Health and Care Devolution - making decisions at a local level. They've focused on prevention, health and care integration and capitalising on the best use of health and care buildings and land. Find out more about their progress.

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