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We all want to help London’s children stay healthy and happy as they grow up and what happens at school every day is really important. Schools can have a direct impact on helping children to lead a healthy lifestyle, for example by making healthy food choices at lunchtime, and walking or cycling to school.

Why Healthy Schools London is important

Schools can help children learn about their health and develop their motivation and self-respect to make healthy choices. The benefits go beyond health - we know that when children are healthy and happy at school, they can achieve more.

Many schools in London are already doing great work to support their pupils' health and wellbeing. Healthy Schools London is a programme that will help schools to go further, and support children, staff and communities. 

With our award programme sponsored by the Mayor of London, we will recognise and celebrate schools that are making a difference for their pupils. 

Working with our colleagues in London’s boroughs, we have built a programme that schools are proud to be part of and helps London’s children to be healthy, happy and achieve.

Video: Emotional wellbeing at The Greycoat Hospital, Westminster

How the Healthy Schools London Awards work

Awards are for schools to recognise their achievements in supporting the health and wellbeing of their pupils. There are three levels of award:

  • Bronze - is awarded to schools that complete our online whole school health and wellbeing review and achieve the requirements. Schools that have current Local or Enhanced Healthy Schools Status will automatically qualify
  • Silver - in addition to holding a Bronze Award, the school will need to analyse pupils’ needs, and identify new actions to help pupils maintain a healthy weight, healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. This should include one targeted and one school-wide action, and the school will need to make plans for how the changes will be delivered and measured
  • Gold - in addition to holding the Silver Award, the school will need to show the impact of the changes they have made and that these are sustainable. The school will need to show how it has engaged the wider community, and supported others to help children maintain a healthy weight, healthy lifestyle and wellbeing

Healthy Schools London supports schools as they work towards these awards. Local Healthy Schools Coordinators will provide support to schools. 

For more information including a range of tools, resources and advice for schools and sign up for our newsletter visit the Healthy Schools London website.

Video: School Improvement and HSL at Worcesters Primary School, Enfield

  • 2123
    Have registered with the scheme
  • 1233
    Have achieved Bronze
  • 672
    Have achieved Silver
  • 277
    Have achieved Gold

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