Nursing Associate Apprenticeship

What does the role include?

The Nursing Associate is a new role in nursing in the UK, leading to registration as a Nursing Associate with the Nursing Midwifery Council in the UK.

The apprenticeship is delivered by universities or colleges in partnership with local healthcare organisations.

An apprenticeship is a system of learning while working, enabling you to achieve a qualification in your chosen career. There are now increasing opportunities for support workers to apply for apprenticeships through their employer.

As a nursing associate apprentice, you are employed in a health or social care organisation while being a student at a university or college. You are supported by your employer and the university to achieve the learning and skills required to become a Nursing Associate. 

The apprenticeship can lead to opportunities for you to continue studying and achieve a BSc Nursing and registration as a Registered Nurse - either through a further apprenticeship or as a direct entry student to university.

How much does it cost?

The apprenticeship fees are paid by your employer.

How long does it take?

Up to two years.

Entry requirements

  • level 2 English and Maths or recognised equivalent - support to achieve level 2 English and Maths
  • employment with a healthcare organisation offering nursing assocate apprenticeship programme
  • health clearance
  • police clearance – UK DBS

See what it's like to be a Nursing Associate

Introducing the nursing associate

Leanne Richards, Nursing Associate in training

Trainee Nursing Associate Event- LIVE!

Stuart Woodward - Nursing Assistant and NHS apprentice

What next?

After qualifying as a Nursing Associate, you will be working as a registered professional. After at least one year in this role you could look at further study to become a Registered Nurse, this might be through a Nursing Degree Apprenticeship or direct entry to BSc (Hons) Nursing.

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