London National Park City

The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is helping to make London the world’s first National Park City.

One of the aims is to make more than half the city's area green. The Mayor is working with the National Park City Foundation, other partners, and Londoners to achieve this ambition.

Making London a National Park City

London is already one of the greenest cities in the world. Making London a National Park City will give all Londoners more opportunities to experience and enjoy the great outdoors in London. It will help us all to make the city greener by gardening for wildlife or volunteering to plant trees. Fresh ideas, like green roofs and green walls will also help London’s fight against climate change. A greener city will be good for Londoners.

As a National Park City, London will be:

  • a city which is greener in the long-term than it is today and where people and nature are better connected
  • a city which protects the core network of parks and green spaces and where buildings and public spaces aren’t defined only by stone, brick, concrete, glass and steel
  • a city that is rich with wildlife where every child benefits from exploring, playing and learning outdoors
  • a city where all can enjoy high-quality green spaces, clean air, clean waterways and where more people choose to walk and cycle

National Park City Festival 2019

The National Park City Festival will take place over nine days from 20 to 28 July 2019. It will be London's largest free celebration of the outdoors, and we want all Londoners, organisations and businesses to get involved.

  • We’re now offering community activity grants to support organisations that want to hold festival activities in their local area. You can apply for a grant until 5pm on Thursday 21 March.
  • If your proposed activity doesn't require funding, it can be submitted for consideration on our activity listings platform and printed programme. More details can be found on the National Park City Festival page.

Why a National Park City?

A National Park City is a vision and way of working together, not a designation. This vision will help the Mayor, the National Park City Foundation and others make the most of efforts to protect and promote the value of London’s green infrastructure and green the built environment.

With London set to grow to over 11 million people by 2050, there is huge pressure on the city’s natural environment. Parts of London will become more densely developed. At the same time, we must protect and enhance the natural environment, create space for play and healthy living, and help the city become more resilient to climate change.

Being identified as a National Park City will help us rethink how we invest in our green infrastructure and natural environment. It will also help us focus on the ways it can improve the lives of those who live here.

Next steps

The Mayor is now working with the National Park City Foundation and other partners towards the aim of confirming London a National Park City in 2019. As part of this, we will help Londoners to improve and green their local neighbourhoods. In addition, the Mayor's contribution will:

  • improve London Plan policy to protect green space and encourage urban greening - through green roofs for example. See Chapter 8: Green Infrastructure and Natural Environment of the new London Plan
  • offer a Greener City Fund to help organisations and community groups to plant more trees and improve London’s green spaces
  • support and advise boroughs and other land-managers to help plan, design and manage green infrastructure. This will be good for the health and wellbeing of all Londoners.
  • identify and promote the economic value of London’s green infrastructure. This will be through natural capital accounts to help build the case for essential investment