Air Pollution Exposure in London: Impact of the Environment Strategy

Date published: 
10 January 2019

This report aims to summarise the scale of London’s air pollution problem and examine the impact that the Mayor of London’s actions are projected to have on tackling the problem. It identifies the impact that the Mayor’s air pollution policies (in his London Environment Strategy) will have on health and social inequalities in London. This is compared to a ‘baseline scenario’ which excludes the Mayor’s actions but takes into account the central London Ultra Low Emission Zone.

The report builds on previous analysis undertaken by Aether on behalf of the Greater London Authority: Updated Analysis of Air Pollution Exposure in London (2017) and Analysing Air Pollution Exposure in London (2013). Both of these previous reports focused on air quality at that time in London, seeking to identify whether air pollution had a role in health and social inequality and the degree to which it could be quantified (using data available at that time). This report differs in that it focuses on the impact of future policy actions on inequalities in exposure to air pollution.

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