Why Teach London?

Do you want to inspire the next generation of young Londoners? Have you ever thought about teaching?

We all remember our favourite teacher. It's amazing to have that kind of an impact on a young person's life. As a teacher, you could too.

London's a fantastic city to be a teacher. In fact, we've got some of the best schools in the country. And we've also got some of the best training opportunities for budding teachers like you.

And if you're not convinced yet, here's a few reasons why you should choose to teach in London.

Teaching, there really is no job like it.

See a video clip of a London teacher and the Mayor of London.

Exclusive London opportunities for teachers and schools

Bring the national curriculum to life
Bring the national curriculum to life using London as your classroom with the London Curriculum. The programme offers primary and secondary teachers free lesson plans, resources and events.


Teach London
Schools for Success are London schools that have done brilliantly for their students. Read about their approach, arrange visits and attend free events.



Teach London
Healthy Schools London highlights the benefits of good mental as well as physical health. It promotes walking, cycling or scooting to school, active play, staff training, healthy eating and playground zones. Over 1,900 London schools have already signed up!



Teach London
Plinth Schools Awards invite London students to imagine what they would like to see on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. The competition is open to all London students aged 5-15.



Teach London
Trainee teachers can get a 30 per cent discount off adult-rate Travelcards, and bus and tram season tickets with the 18+student Oyster photocard discount.



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