Star Primary 2019/20


Personalised approaches to ensure pupil progress

What problems were in your school and how did you identify them?

Low attainment on entry, partly due to low aspirations and poor engagement from parents.

What actions did you take?

  • Clear procedures in place to track children on entry and to identify needs; ensuring that quality first teaching closes any gaps.
  • Rigorous pupil information meetings held half termly with senior leaders and class teachers, where bespoke plans are made to support and develop pupils across all year groups.
  • Personalised interventions  such as: one to one maths tuition, Yes Futures coaching and Breakfast Club comprehension groups.
  • A creative curriculum that develops pupil aspirations and expectations of pupils character alongside academic success

What were the outcomes?

We have secured year on year improving results which are always above the national and local averages.

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