Stanburn Primary School 2019/20


A culture committed to high expectations and ‘learning without limits’

What problems were in your school and how did you identify them?

Children have a very wide range of abilities and experiences with a significant proportion of challenged and vulnerable families – recent arrivals, and new to English.

What actions did you take?

Our motto, ‘Believe, Achieve, Succeed – Learning without Limits’ is at the heart of everything we do – self-belief and the development of Growth Mindset are key. The curriculum is broad, rich and diverse and enhanced by visits and activities. Reading, and the study of rich texts, with strong main characters, are central to the curriculum. Ongoing assessments and observations enable timely interventions to narrow gaps and address misconceptions. Lessons include regular reviews and revisits, no stakes testing. Arithmetic daily ‘fast five’. Children write about subjects they have studied in depth and have an interest in. A bespoke approach to parental sessions to ensure they can support their children. Success is celebrated together, as is resilience, perseverance and effort.

What were the outcomes?

Huge improvement in outcomes at expected and greater depth and terms of progress. Pupils excited by learning, who love school and embrace the challenge. Parents who are well supported and involved.

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