Forest Gate Community School 2018/19

Implementing an innovative assessment system which gives instant feedback

What problems were in your school and how did you identify them?

  • High levels of disadvantage (reflected by IDACI score)
  • High EAL
  • LA with highest rate of violent crime (Met)
  • Low staff retention rates due to external factors such as location.

What actions did you take?

We implemented a Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR) system which has improved teaching and learning, the curriculum and pupil outcomes.

The DPR gives real time effective feedback to students, creating student independence in learning.  We have implemented a new feedback policy which has sharpened feedback and reduced staff workload.

We have streamlined pastoral processes to ensure the school is a sanctuary for learning whilst reducing exclusions exponentially. We have provided greater opportunities for students to improve their cultural capital and connection to the local community.

What were the outcomes?

65% of our students gained grade 5+ in basics, P8+1.31, Eng 55% 7-9.

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