Our Time toolkit

We've launched a sponsorship programme called Our Time - Supporting Future Leaders to tackle gender inequality in the workplace and break down barriers that prevent women from reaching the top.

The Our Time toolkit can be used to support any organisation to tackle gender inequality at senior levels. We want it to be adopted across workplaces in London.

About the toolkit

The toolkit includes an implementation guide and supporting delivery materials to help:

  • Select and pair participants and champions
  • Deliver face to face events
  • Produce a communications plan

The toolkit is a free resource that includes guidelines and templates an HR team will need.

We would like to stay connected with organisations using the toolkit and so ask that you register with us to access the materials.

By registering for the toolkit, you will become part of our women in leadership network. We will use this network to:

  • Find out how you're using the toolkit
  • Assess the impact the programme is having within your organisation


The toolkit has been developed in collaboration with Deloitte and the GLA functional bodies, including:

  • Greater London Authority
  • Transport for London
  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • London Legacy Development Corporation
  • London Fire Brigade
  • Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation
  • Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime

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