London Strategic Migration Partnership (LSMP) minutes

The purpose of the London Strategic Migration Partnership (LSMP), as set out in the Terms of Reference, is to develop and maintain a strategic overview of key issues for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in London to maximise opportunities for social integration.

Social integration is the extent to which people positively interact and connect with others who are different to themselves. It is determined by the level of equality between people, the nature of their relationships, and their degree of participation in the communities in which they live.

The LSMP Work Plan for 2018/19 sets out the board's objectives for the year, which includes: managing the impact of the EU referendum result on London; informing the future Immigration System; understanding demographic trends in London; integration and communities; and asylum and refugee resettlement.

This page contains the minutes from the meetings of the London Strategic Migration Partnership (LSMP).

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