Technology tea party

Helping people get online

Not being able to use the internet is called being 'digitally excluded'. It is a serious problem: for example, you would not be able to access lots of online job opportunities, training programmes, government services, or cheaper shopping deals.

How do people become digitally excluded?

People can become digitally excluded (unable to use the internet) for many reasons.

It is often a mix of:

  • being unable to afford the equipment or cost of setting up the internet in their home
  • not being able to access training
  • not knowing the benefits of the internet

One in ten Londoners is digitally excluded.

Helpful resources for you

Digital Skills: for lots of useful digital guides made available for free

Tinder Foundation: for courses to help you get online easily and develop your skills. You can find centres in London offering help using their map tool.

GO ON UK: a UK digital skills charity working with partner organisations.