Improving older people's lives

We want to make London one of the world’s most age friendly cities.Much of the Mayor’s aspirations to promote equality for all communities in London can be found in Inclusive London, his equality, diversity and inclusion strategy. The sections in the strategy that are of particular relevance to older people are highlighted in the ‘An inclusive city for older Londonersreaders guide.

Making London more age friendly

The Mayor has signed up London to the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities.


Through the network we will work with other age-friendly cities and communities in both the UK and internationally to share learning and best practice to make London a more age-friendly city. 


Key actions the Mayor has already committed to include reducing barriers to decent jobs for older workers, reducing digital exclusion, providing more accessible and adaptable homes, and ensuring sports and arts and the transport system across the city are inclusive and responsive to the needs of older people.

Listening to older Londoners

To support the huge contribution older Londoners make to our city we make sure to involve them in our decisions. Some of the ways we do this include

  • ensuring older Londoners are having their say on London's big issues using Talk London
  • holding focus groups and events targeted at older people and older people’s organisations

Economic Contribution of Older Londoners

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