LGBT engagement meetings minutes and papers

Regular engagement meetings take place with London’s LGBT community. These are the minutes and papers from recent stakeholder meetings.

LGBT stakeholder meeting: 21 July 2015

LGBT stakeholder meeting: 22 January 2015

Trans stakeholder meeting: 10 September 2014

LGBT stakeholder meeting: 23 July 2014

These minutes contain the notes from two verbal presentations:

  • A presentation by Bob Hodgson and Hannah Hughes, Co-chairs, LGBT Advisory Group to the Metropolitan Police: Work of the LGBT Advisory Group (LGBT AG) to the Metropolitan Police
  • A presentation by Stephen Ward, Director, London Community Pride: London and Community Pride 2014 debrief

LGBT stakeholder meeting: 22 January 2014

Trans stakeholder meeting: 4 September 2013

LGBT stakeholder meeting: 5 June 2013

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