Photo taken at nursery run by childcare group the London Early Years Foundation
Photo taken at nursery run by childcare group the London Early Years Foundation

Have your say on the draft London Food Strategy

The Mayor wants every Londoner to have access to healthy, affordable and culturally-appropriate good food regardless of where they live, their personal circumstances or income.

He has set out his priorities and commitments for food and wants your support to help him refine and develop the London Food Strategy, and then implement it.

The consultation is open until 5 July 2018

The draft London Food Strategy outlines the Mayor's ambitious vision for good food in the capital. Developed in partnership with the London Food Board, the strategy sets out actions under six priority areas. These are: 

  • good food at home
  • good food shopping and eating out
  • good food in public institutions and community settings
  • good food for maternity, early years, education and health
  • good food growing, community gardens and urban farming
  • good food for the environment

Are you responding as an organisation?

If you are responding on behalf of an organisation, we invite you share your views and recommendations with us in our survey.

Are you responding as an individual?

To tell us what you think about the Mayor's plans and discuss the issues that matter to you, join our online community Talk London.

Proposed unhealthy food and drink advertising ban

Tackling child obesity is a priority for the Mayor. That is why he is consulting on proposals to ban advertising of food and drink that is not healthy across the entire Transport for London (TfL) network as part of wider measures to take on child obesity, as outlined in the London Food Strategy.