A Fairer London: The 2012 Living Wage in London

Date published: 
05 November 2012
  • The 2012 London Living Wage is £8.55 per hour, up from £8.30 in 2011. The timing of the updating has been changed from spring to autumn. This decision was based on representations from many employers who wanted an autumn release to fit into their budgetary cycles, ahead of their pay reviews.
  • There are now close to 200 employers in London who are committed to paying the Living Wage. The GLA Group includes the Living Wage as a requirement as contracts are let or renewed. There are now some 3,400 Living Wage beneficiaries across the Group. The vast majority of workers in the Olympic Park were paid at least the Living Wage.
  • Twelve major private sector London employers are newly signed up to pay the Living Wage. A number of Higher Education institutions and London boroughs have also strengthened their commitment to the Living Wage.

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