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Saving London's music venues

35% of London's grassroots music venues have been lost since 2007. Music helps make London a dynamic city. Our music scene is second to none and this decline needs to stop if London is going to continue to be a city that nurtures, creates and enjoys a world famous live music scene.

The Mayor and London's Night Czar are leading the city-wide charge to support and protect London's important grassroots music venues and make London the world’s best music city.

Impact of business rates on London grassroots music venues

A fifth of London’s grassroots music venues could be forced to close due to business rates increases.

A further 18 of London’s 94 grassroots music venues are expected to experience significant financial challenges. In total, these 39 venues account for up to 530 jobs and generate up to £21.5m for the capital’s economy.

On top of this, an additional 23 venues are at risk of having to cut the number of new artists they book, instead opting to put on safer, more-established artists that generate higher sales.

Together, these grassroot music venues account for at least 14,000 emerging-artist performance opportunities annually at risk, and have a knock-on effect for the music industry as a whole, while reducing the opportunities for new and emerging talent in London.

This conservative figure is based on one emerging artist performing at each of the at risk grassroots music venues per night.

Read the full report below produced by Nordicity, commissioned by the Mayor of London.

Rescue Plan for London’s Grassroots Music Venues

The original Rescue Plan for London’s Grassroots Music Venues was launched in October 2015. In January 2017 we published a progress update.

The progress update shows that the number of grassroots music venues in the capital has remained stable for the first time in ten years. We currently have 94 venues operating in London.
Although good progress has been made to tackle the decline, there is still a lot to be done. The progress update sets out the next steps on planning, development, licensing, business rates, and the promotion of London as the world's best music city.

Grassroots music venues contribution to London

  • £91.8
    contribution to London’s economy
  • 2260
    full time
    jobs supported
  • £44
    invested in talent development
  • 94
    grassroot venues
    across London

Mapping London's Music Facilities

The Mayor has created the first map of London’s music spaces to help nurture music scene across the capital. It shows the full spectrum of music performance, recording and rehearsal spaces in London highlights the areas of opportunity and growth. Londoners, the music industry and boroughs are encouraged to use this map and add venues and facilities they know of, so we can create the fullest picture possible of London’s vibrant music scene.