Building a 24 Hour London

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has appointed the UK's first ever Night Czar, Amy Lamé.

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24 Hour London
24 Hour London
Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is creating a city that's always open


24 Hour London

Creating a city thats always open

KickerThis is a kicker.

**What is the night\-time economy?**

Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to make London a 24\-hour city thats open to all. Our restaurants, theatres, cinemas, music venues, clubs, and bars are world famous and a huge attraction for everyone who lives or works here. They also attract millions of international visitors each year. Our cultural scene can lay claim to being the birthplace of musical theatre, electronic music and immersive theatre. Londons night\-time economy is also a big earner and big employer. It brings in 26.3 billion to the economy every year and supports 1 in 8 of the citys jobs. And did we mention the Night Tube and our brilliant night buses? New 24\-hour Night Tube services are opening up new opportunities for Londoners and will create around 2,000 permanent jobs and boost the citys economy by 360 million. London has a good night out to offer to everyone and a safe journey home when its time for bed.


The opportunity

Sadiq has appointed a Night Czar to make Londons night\-time economy even better the writer, broadcaster, DJ, performer and campaigner Amy Lam. London is the biggest city in the world to appoint a Night Czar, and Amys appointment comes after the hugely successful creation of night\-time mayors in other cities across the globe from Amsterdam and Berlin, to San Francisco. Now London has a huge opportunity to become the number one global destination for 24\-hour culture and entertainment.

**The challenge**

As London grows our city has to adjust to new challenges. New housing, transport and infrastructure is creating new challenges for our night\-time economy and there is also increased demand for a broader night\-time culture and entertainment offer. We need someone to help us navigate these challenges and bring the right people together to help solve them the Night Czar.

**Music to London's ears**

The music industry is worth an incredible 3.8bn to the UK's economy. It also brings an extra 2.2bn in music tourism. This is going to grow over the next few years. Yet since 2007, London has lost 40% of live music venues and half of its nightclubs, and world famous landmarks like Fabric have an uncertain future. Sadiq has promised to protect Londons live music venues, clubs and pubs with a new Agent of Change rule. That means new developments next to existing venues must meet soundproofing costs. But more needs to be done. The Night Czars proven track\-record of helping save venues, her first\-hand experience of the industry over the last two decades as well as her love for London and its nightlife make her the champion our venues, clubs and pubs need right now.

**The Night Czar**

Londons new Night Czar, Amy Lam, will work to champion the capitals vibrant night\-time economy by: being an ambassador for London as a 24\-hour world city creating a vision for a 24\-hour London in tandem with local councils, the police, businesses and the Chair of the Mayors Night\-Time Commission developing a road map to make that vision reality working with local councils, businesses, and agencies like TfL and the Met Police using the Night Tube as an opportunity to broaden and boost Londons evening and night\-time economy ensuring the night\-time economy is developed in a way that considers peoples need for rest and public safety


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