LGBT+ nightlife venues

As part of his Cultural Infrastructure Plan The Mayor has committed to providing an annual audit of LGBT+ venues. 

This year the number of LGBT+ venues in the capital remains stable in 2016/17 after 58 per cent fall over the past decade.

A number of venues have signed up to the Mayor's LGBT+ Venues Charter including London’s biggest pub company Greene King and Stonegate.


What's the Mayor doing to support LGBT+ venues?

To support LGBT+ venues, the Mayor has launched the LGBT+ Venues Charter.

It's a practical tool for developers, venues and pub companies to sign up to and show their commitment to the LGBT+ community in London. 

What's in the Charter?

There's a five-point pledge which supports London’s LGBT+ pubs, bars, clubs and other venues:

  1.  A visible rainbow flag should be displayed on the outside of the venue
  2. The venue should be marketed as an LGBT+ venue
  3.  The venue will provide a welcoming, accessible and safe environment
  4. Management and staff should be LGBT+ friendly
  5. Programming should be LGBT+ focused

Read the full pledge.

Number of LGBT+ nightlife venues increase and decrease per year


The initial data was provided by UCL Urban Laboratory. You can learn more about the loss of LGBT+ nightlife venues in London by reading the UCL Urban Lab report 'LGBTQ+ Cultural Infrastructure in London: Nightlife Venues 2006 to 2017’.

The data is now kept up to date by the GLA. It includes venues as spaces designated as primarily LGBTQ+ and/or with primarily LGBTQ+ programming.

Culture at Risk Office

The Mayor has set up London’s first ever Culture at Risk Office to safeguard the capital's well-loved cultural places and spaces at risk of being lost, including LGBT+ venues.

If you know an LGBT+ venue, or other venue, at risk of closure please contact City Hall's Culture at Risk Officer at [email protected].