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How we're protecting LGBT+ nightlife venues

London's LGBT+ nightlife venues have dropped by 58 per cent in the past ten years. 

Despite being successful businesses, they're closing because of external pressures such as large-scale developments, a lack of safeguarding measures and the sale and change of use of the property.

What's the Mayor doing to stop further closures?

To stop further closures, the Mayor has launched the LGBT+ Venues Charter.

It's a practical tool for developers, venues and pub companies to sign up to and show their commitment to the LGBT+ community in London. 

What's in the Charter?

There's a five-point pledge which supports London’s LGBT+ pubs, bars, clubs and other venues:

  1.  A visible rainbow flag should be displayed on the outside of the venue
  2. The venue should be marketed as an LGBT+ venue
  3.  The venue will provide a welcoming, accessible and safe environment
  4. Management and staff should be LGBT+ friendly
  5. Programming should be LGBT+ focused

Read full pledge.

Number of LGBT+ Nightlife Venues lost per year









This data is provided by UCL Urban Laboratory. You can learn more about the loss of LGBT+ nightlife venues in London by reading the UCL Urban Lab report 'LGBTQ+ Cultural Infrastructure in London: Nightlife Venues 2006 to 2017’.

UCL have only included venues as spaces designated as primarily LGBTQ+ and/or with primarily LGBTQ+ programming and have searched for venues using a variety of sources, if there are any venues missing please email: [email protected]