London Borough of Culture

London Borough of Culture

Congratulations to the winners of the London Borough of Culture competition! Waltham Forest is the first borough to be awarded the title - for 2019, followed by Brent for 2020.

In addition, six boroughs - Barking & Dagenham, Camden, Kingston, Lambeth, Lewisham, Merton - will share a pot of £850,000 for landmark projects, which the boroughs highlighted in their entry bids.

Read more about the eight winning boroughs.

Waltham Forest named London Borough of Culture 2019

You can also watch the webcast of the awards being announced.

What is London Borough of Culture?

The London Borough of Culture award is a major new initiative launched by the Mayor Sadiq Khan in June 2017 – inspired by the UK City and European Capital of Culture programmes. 

The award offers more than £1m of funding to two winning boroughs to stage a programme of ambitious cultural events and initiatives, and to develop a plan to make culture an integral part of the boroughs’ future - placing communities at the heart of decision-making and programming

In total, 22 boroughs submitted bids to be named London Borough of Culture.

Each winning borough will be awarded £1.35m of funding to deliver a programme of ambitious cultural activities celebrating the unique character of local people and places.

About the the awards

London Borough of Culture award artwork


Jonathan Baldock is a London-based artist. He has created a unique ceramic artwork for the two London Borough of Culture winners.

Hand crocheted fabric has been pressed on to the clay. Each award has 33 stitches, representing the 32 boroughs and City of London. United together, they show how London Borough of Culture will bring Londoners together.

The Mayor's Cultural Impact Award winners received a limited edition print of British artist Bob & Roberta Smith's Art for Everyone painting. It was created for the launch of London Borough of Culture in 2017.

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