Celebrities favourite London hidden gems

Check out some of the insider cultural tips from the famous faces below.

'Islington and due north of Clerkenwell, with its ravishing houses showing old London at its finest.'
Joanna Lumley OBE

'The Freud House in Hampstead is a fascinating little museum, where you can see where Freud spent his last days – and get a feel for the psychoanalytic side of North London life. If psychoanalysis presents its believers with a vision of existence as coherent as that of religion, then this is the Mecca or Jerusalem of the faith. It’s worth a visit, along with a pop down to Karnac Books, the best psychoanalytic bookshop in London, on the Finchley road, minutes away.'
Alain De Botton, writer and philosopher

'My favourite London hidden gem is E.Pelliccis on Bethnal Green Road. It's a tiny 100 year old family run Italian cafe with lots of character.'
Rumer, musician

'My favourite London hidden gem is Kenwood House in the middle of Hampstead Heath, because of the rustic variety of walks to reach it, and the Rembrandt, the Canalettos, and the cream teas within.'
Jon Snow, Channel 4 News Presenter and Fourth Plinth Commissioning Group member

'I strongly recommend the Horniman Museum, tucked away in Forest Hill, which is packed with unusual artifacts guaranteed to delight visitors of all ages.'
Sir David Puttnum

'My secret London hidden gem is the beaches of the Thames late afternoon. It may not be Barbados but it's quiet and an incredibly evocative place to contemplate whilst the busy city rushes on without you.'
David Harewood, Actor

'My favourite London hidden gem is Blackhorse Road Workshop Walthamstow because it is a lifeline for those of us whose craft skills only serve to belittle visions of grandeur.'
Hayden Thorpe, musician (lead singer of Wild Beasts)

'My favourite London hidden gem is Keats House on Keats Grove, Hampstead because John Keats both lived and wrote some of his most famous and romantic poems there. Walking on the floors where this great man’s footsteps went before mine is an experience I could repeat again and again.'
Arlene Philips, Choreographer

'A hidden gem for me is the Bush Theatre, which showcases brave new plays in a really welcoming space with a library, cafe and summer garden. And it's right next door to the diversity and bustle of Shepherds Bush Market, as well as Abu Zaad's and Ochi's (my favourite Middle eastern restaurant and Jamaican takeaway).'
Riz Ahmed, Actor, Writer and Director

'My favourite London hidden gem is The Young Vic Theatre cafe & bar. Its local to me, a South Londoner, and very importantly wheelchair accessible, which means I can invite any of my performer friends there.'
Mat Fraser, Actor and disability advocate

'Marathon Kebab shop because I have so many fond memories of late late nights and fun fun times. It’s so much more than a kebab shop.'
Henry Holland, Designer

'My Favourite London hidden gem is Bert's Tea Hut near High Beech in Epping forest because over the past thirty years I have spent more time there hanging out with motorcyclists and mountain bikers than I care to divulge.'
Grayson Perry, Artist

'Not sure if it’s off the beaten track but the Foundling Museum tells the story of Childcare in London through art and social history, its current exhibition of Jacob Epstein sculptures of children is a gem.'
Jeremey Deller, Artist

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