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Think Night: London's neighbourhoods from 6pm to 6am

London is a world class city and merits world-leading thoughts on all aspects of life at night. The London Night Time Commission was set up to build on London’s strengths as a city that thrives from 6pm to 6am.

Londoners are more active at night and have later bedtimes than anyone else in the UK. Two-thirds of us regularly do everyday activities at night like running errands, shopping and catching up with friends. A staggering one-third of London's workforce also work at night.

The London Night Time Commission believes that London can provide so much more at night: in neighbourhoods, workplaces, high streets and public spaces. The Think Night report sets out how London can work better for all Londoners from 6pm to 6am, helping people to live their lives more fully.

See a summary of the report's recommendations

Recommendation 1:

The Mayor should put the night at the heart of London policymaking. He should introduce a Night Test for all new policies to rate their impact on London's culture, sociability, wellbeing and economy at night.

Recommendation 2: 

The Mayor should produce Night Time Guidance for boroughs. This will help them develop holistic Night Time Strategies that go beyond the night time economy and cover all aspects of their town centres and other areas between 6pm and 6am.

Recommendation 3:

The Mayor should set up a London Night Time Data Observatory. This central hub of data on the economy, transport, licensing, infrastructure, safety and health would help boroughs create their Night Time Strategies and inform local decision making.

Recommendation 4:

The Mayor should publish an annual report on London at Night. It should include a series of night time metrics that show his progress in implementing the Night Time Commission's recommendations and achieving the ambitions of his 24-Hour City Vision.

Recommendation 5:

The Mayor should establish a Night Time Enterprise Zone fund that boroughs can bid into, starting with a Pathfinder Zone in 2020.

Recommendation 6:

The Mayor should carry out research to establish the case for longer opening hours across London.

Recommendation 7:

The Mayor should help establish new partnerships across the capital to improve safety, reduce violence and make London welcoming for everyone at night.

Recommendation 8:

The Mayor should develop guidance to help boroughs, landowners and developers create welcoming, safe and vibrant public spaces at night.

Recommendation 9:

The Mayor should set up a Late Night Transport Working Group to ensure that workers, visitors and customers can get around London quickly and safely at night. The group should consider extending night services, introducing a 'Night Rider' fare that allows workers to move between bus, tube, train, DLR or tram in a single fare, and encourage more use of TfL's land and buildings at night.

Recommendation 10:

The Mayor should extend the remit of London & Partners so that they can promote London's night time offer to Londoners.