Night Time Enterprise Zone

In January the London Night Time Commission published the Think Night report. It recommended that:

The Mayor should establish a Night-Time Enterprise Zone fund that boroughs can bid into, starting with a Pathfinder Zone in 2020.

The Commission believe that increased use of the high street after 6pm will make London more liveable, relieve pressure on London’s infrastructure and boost local businesses. In extending the active hours of the capital's high streets, there is also an opportunity to ensure that night work is good work.

Night Time Enterprise Zones (NTEZs) would be places where later opening hours and increased access to a greater range of shops and services, can be tested and evaluated in a managed way.

Mayor seeks borough to run NTEZ pilot project

The Mayor is looking for a partner borough to deliver an NTEZ pilot project. He has made £75,000 of grant funding available, which boroughs can bid for. The purpose of the pilot project is to prove the concept of the NTEZ. It will take place in one high street, include a series of evaluated pilot activities and will inform future policy across London.

Why is the Mayor investing in an NTEZ pilot project?

To help revive the high street
High streets are job creators, transport hubs and places of social and cultural exchange. However, London had the UK’s highest net loss of high street shops in 2018. Recent research found that 92% of councils in England believe that increasing night time economic activity can help the high street to survive and thrive.

To give Londoners better access to their city after 6pm
Two-thirds of Londoners are regularly active at night, but many shops and services are closed when they want to use them. The changing lifestyles of Londoners means that there is more demand for the economy to work 24/7. There is also demand for a greater range of shops and services to be accessible after 6pm.

To support good work standards at Night
Recent GLA research found that one-third of London’s workforce usually works at night. Yet many night workers do not receive the same work conditions that day workers do. In fact, 53% of night time culture and leisure jobs pay less than the London Living Wage.

What are the objectives of the pilot project?

  1. To engage with local businesses, residents and workers in setting the pilot project’s priorities, designing the pilot activities and evaluating their impact
  2. To deliver a series of pilot activities that will test the concept of the Night Time Enterprise Zone and its three aims, and inform future policy
  3. To evaluate the activities and produce written case studies
  4. To produce an action plan showing how a Night Time Enterprise Zone could be delivered

How can boroughs apply?

Boroughs can download the application pack below. This contains full details, guidance and the application form.

Completed forms and supporting documents must be returned to [email protected] by midday on Friday 9 August 2019.

Other documents:

Funding Agreement Template (issued to successful borough)