Request to increase frequency of 481 bus

Date petition submitted: 
05 November 2014
Petition presented by: 
Stephen Knight (past staff) AM,
Petition presented at: 
London Assembly Plenary

Summary of petition

“We call on the Mayor and Transport for London to increase the frequency of the 481 bus service, which currently only runs hourly.”

Response information

Name of person responding: 
The Mayor
Response date: 
16 December 2014
Thank you for the petition you presented at the London Assembly (Plenary) meeting on 5 November calling for Transport for London (TfL) to increase the frequency of its services on bus route 481. TfL regularly reviews the bus network and feedback from bus users is important to understand changing travel patterns and demands. When making decisions about the development of the bus network, TfL looks at a range of factors such as existing routes, frequency of services, reliability and the ease of interchange. The bus network should be comprehensive, frequent, reliable , and easy to understand and use. TfL reviewed bus route 481 in 2008 to determine whether there would be sufficient passenger benefit to justify the cost involved with increasing the frequency of the service. Unfortunately, TfL found that there was insufficient demand to justify the cost of increasing the frequency of the service to two buses per hour, which would cost around £221,000. As passenger demand, which is around 700 passenger trips per day, has not grown since 2008, TfL does not have any current plans to change the service."