Noise Nuisance at Hainault Depot

MQT on 2005-10-18
Session date: 
October 18, 2005
Question By: 
Roger Evans
GLA Conservatives
Asked Of: 
The Mayor


This depot is run by Metronet. In response to your enquiries, London Underground have provided the following information: Wheel/Rail Screech: Since noise measurements were completed in June 2004, new track lubricators have been installed and hand lubrication is undertaken three times a week. Additionally drivers are instructed to reduce speed in this area to further reduce noise disturbance. These measures have significantly reduced overall noise levels but monitoring continues. Train Whistles: Use of whistles is a primary means of ensuring staff safety whilst train movements are undertaken. Additionally whistles are necessarily tested prior to entry of trains into service. Following earlier claims of 'unnecessary whistle use', a memo was sent to train operators asking them to use the whistle only when necessary, whilst still abiding by the railway's safety rules. Contractor Shouting: Staff are briefed before each shift to carry out their work quietly. Any feedback from line-side neighbours which indicates that contractors or maintenance staff were unnecessarily noisy, is followed up and investigated internally. Metronet has also put a number of signs around the depot asking staff to consider our neighbours and move about quietly. Following liaison with the Metronet Depot Manager, he has assured us he will continue reminding his staff of the need to keep noise levels as low as possible during night shift work and be aware that there are a number of areas that are particularly sensitive. The location of the Permanent Way (track) Store at Hainault Depot meant the noise associated with using the store disturbed residents at neighbouring Trotwood Estate. London Underground has worked closely with Epping Forest District Council and has recently funded a relocation of the stores to a site further away from line-side neighbours. This work has recently been completed, and the council have since had no reports of excess noise. This has been a positive step towards minimising potential disturbance from the busy depot.


Answer for Noise Nuisance at Hainault Depot

Answer for Noise Nuisance at Hainault Depot

Answered By: 
The Mayor

In his capacity as the Chair of TfL, can the Mayor please address the issue of the noise nuisance suffered by residents living in the vicinity of the Hainault Depot. Within the last the last ten years, shunt lines at the depot have been re-laid, extended, and realigned with the sidings to create a shorter radius than previously existed. More trains were also introduced, and the net result has been a frequent, high-pitched screech of metal on metal that constitutes a significant noise nuisance for near-by residents. This is a situation that could presumably be rectified with the simple application of a lubricant on the lines, however as yet this has not been done, despite numerous inquiries and complaints from residents. Furthermore, this nuisance has been compounded by frequent, and again very high pitched whistles, which sound day and night whenever a train moves in the vicinity of Hainault depot at a speed of over 5km per hour. Residents report however that since some trains are accompanied by a whistle yet others are not, the practice appears to be quite arbitrary, and they wonder why it is necessary at all. Finally, residents also suffer from the shouting of contractors, who assemble at a point very close to residential property in the night and very early morning. Will the Mayor instruct his officers to look into each of these three issues in order to end the noise nuisance suffered by nearby residents?