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Mayor's Transport Strategy

10 May 2010

The Mayor's Transport Strategy sets out his transport vision for London and details how Transport for London and partners will deliver the plan over the next 20 years.

It is a key part of a strategic policy framework to support and shape London's social and economic development.

How the strategy was developed

  • In 2008 the Mayor published ‘Way to Go’, a consultation which took a broad approach to London’s transport. The following year, to build on that work, the Mayor delegated responsibility for developing a detailed draft strategy to Transport for London (TfL), part of the GLA group.

    Read 'Way to Go'

    Read the Draft Transport Strategy

  • In Autumn 2009, following a statutory consultation with the London Assembly, there was a public consultation on the draft Transport Strategy. TfL then delivered a report to the Mayor detailing the responses to the consultation.

    Read TfL’s Report to the Mayor on the Consultation

How to read the strategy

The strategy is a large document, reflecting the broad area of work it addreses. To make it easier to navigate we’ve separated the report out into twelve downloadable sections.

There are three broad parts of the Transport Strategy:

Part One

This is the first two PDFs and features the Introduction, Table of Contents and Executive Summary (Chapter one), the Vision (Chapter 2) and Context (Chapter 3) of the strategy.

Part Two

This section is divided into eight documents, and looks at the Challenges and strategic policies (Chapter 4), Transport proposals (Chapter 5, pt1), Proposals to encourage more cycling and walking (Chapter 5, pt2), Proposals to improve safety and security (Chapter 5, pt3), Proposals to improve London's environment (Chapter 5, pt4), Proposals to reduce transport's contribution to climate change (Chapter 5, pt5), Proposals to manage the demand for travel (Chapter 5, pt6) and the Expected outcomes of the strategy (Chapter 6).

Part Three

This is divided into two documents and looks at Delivery of the strategy (Chapter 7, 8 and 9) and the Annexes which includes a Table of figures and glossary.

You can also download the full strategy in rich text format. This version doesn’t have any of the photographs, charts or tables included in the PDFs.