Mayor launches multi-million pound Low Emission Neighbourhoods scheme

29 May 2015

London boroughs are invited to put together ambitious plans to tackle air quality hotspots, under a ground-breaking new Low Emission Neighbourhood scheme. Up to two £1 million Low Emission Neighbourhoods will be funded as part of the Mayor’s £20 million Air Quality Fund. The Low Emission Neighbourhood scheme is a new way of tackling the challenge of air quality in London, encouraging boroughs to look at a comprehensive set of solutions tackling various sources of emissions, changing behaviour and raising awareness. These could include measures to encourage more walking and cycling, reducing through vehicle traffic, reducing the impact of freight and servicing, and using smarter parking charging. The Mayor’s Air Quality Fund has already produced a number of inspiring initiatives from its first round, including pollution-capturing green walls and support for zero-emission electric car clubs. It is a key part of promoting the growth of the clean tech industry in our city, which in turn creates more jobs for Londoners. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: “These innovations help reduce carbon and have boosted London's green economy to almost £30 billion a year, with over 160,000 jobs. Embracing this technology as part of our everyday lives is vital and I've supported hundreds of smart systems from recycling household items into fuel, to apps that advise on low congestion routes to the wonderful green Tardis revamping underused phone boxes into solar powered mobile recharging stations.” “Today as part of my strong measures to boost the environment I'm encouraging London boroughs to get their green thinking caps on and apply for the next round of my £20 million Air Quality Fund. The previous round helped boroughs deliver vast 'green walls' to combat traffic pollution, created zero emission electric car clubs and implemented no idling schemes on our busiest streets. It's clear that these measures, and the more of us that can adopt them, are helping make London the greenest, most sustainable megacity on earth.” Boroughs are invited to apply for the Low Emission Neighbourhoods scheme by the end of July, with the first two schemes expected to be up and running by June 2016. The measures introduced are expected to be visibly transformative, and could include significant redesign of roads and urban features. City Hall will be looking for ambitious and holistic approaches to tackling the issue of air quality. In addition, the second round of the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund (MAQF), which has committed £20 million for borough air quality projects between 2012 and 2021, will offer up to £400,000 to boroughs for individual projects.