London landmarks will pay tribute to Belgian terror victims

23 March 2016

Plans to pay tribute to victims of the Belgian attacks

Plans to pay tribute to victims of the terror attacks in Belgium using several of London’s major landmarks have been confirmed by City Hall today. 

Belgium is observing a period of national mourning and this evening (23 March) a projection of the Belgian flag will be beamed onto the National Gallery in London. Tower Bridge, the London Eye and other major London landmarks will also display the colours of the Belgian national flag in tribute. 

Tomorrow afternoon a 25 metre silk flag will be placed on the central staircase in Trafalgar Square ahead of a vigil organised in partnership with the Belgian Embassy between 6pm and 10pm. There will be an opportunity to leave flowers and candles.

The London landmarks confirmed to pay tribute this evening are:

  • The National Gallery – two Belgian flags will be projected onto the frontage of the building.

  • London Eye will be lit with the colours of the Belgian flag.

  • Wembley Stadium Arch will be lit with the colours of the Belgian flag.

  • Tower Bridge will display the colours of the Belgian flag.

  • The National Theatre will display the colours of the Belgian flag.

  • Trafalgar Square fountains will run the colours of the Belgian flag.

  • Many Government buildings in the capital are already flying the Union flag and the Belgian flag at half-mast.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “The scenes in Belgium were truly appalling and it is important we pay tribute to the victims, as well as show our solidarity with the people of Brussels. They have the sympathy of every Londoner and our thoughts will be with them as they do their best to recover from this despicable atrocity.”

Jennette Arnold OBE AM, Chair of the London Assembly, said: "We must send a clear signal that atrocities like the events in Brussels yesterday will be not be tolerated.  When London lights up its landmarks, we are condemning terror and mindless acts of violence and standing side by side with Belgians in their tragic hour.  We share their grief and we send London’s love to a neighbouring city, that will recover with time. The awful actions of a few bring us closer together and stronger than we were before.”