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News from Steve O'Connell: Penalty points handed to 15,529 unlicensed drivers in London

26 May 2016

One driver has 34 points on record despite having no licence

A total of 15,529 people caught driving illegally in London have been issued with penalty points despite having no licence, figures obtained by Steve O’Connell AM show.

Drivers caught behind the wheel without a valid licence currently face a fine of up to £1,000 and three to six penalty points on their DVLA record.

Assembly Member O’Connell discovered 227 drivers in London currently have more than 12 points, the automatic ban threshold for licence holders.

The figures, obtained from the DVLA via a freedom of information request, showed one London driver possesses a whopping 34 points on their record.

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Last year alone 6,488 unlicensed drivers were issued with penalty points in the capital.

Assembly Member O’Connell wants the Mayor of London to call for community service punishments and pre-emptive driving bans for those caught driving without a valid licence.

He said:

“It’s astonishing that anyone caught driving without a licence can get away with a fine they may not pay and penalty points that do little or no damage to their future driving prospects. This form of punishment falls well short of fitting the crime.

“I was stunned to see there have been thousands of unlicensed drivers caught in London over the past five years – many seemingly on more than one occasion. We need strong deterrents to stop people getting behind the wheel of a car they are not qualified to drive.

“I’ll be pushing the Mayor to look at this issue and demand he consider strengthening the sanctions currently in place that are, quite frankly, pointless.”

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