News from Siân Berry: Mayor’s Living Rent needs to be bolder

28 September 2016

London Assembly Member Sian Berry has reacted to the Mayor of London today launching his consultation for his London Living Rent.

The London Living Rent is intended to be a new type of affordable housing.

According to the details released today all London Living Rent homes will have rents based on a third of average household incomes in each borough.

Sian said:

“The Living Rent plans are a step forward for people on average incomes, but I’m concerned it leaves many people behind.

The focus only on the average leaves an obvious gap between the very few who can qualify now for social housing and people who earn below average wages who are struggling even more to pay high market rents. This includes many public sector workers – and many women who on average earn significantly less than men. London is becoming a place where it’s impossible for working people to live and the Mayor’s plans need to go further.”

“This consultation is a great opportunity for Londoners to let the Mayor know this and I will keep pushing the Mayor and standing up for those on below average incomes who will be left behind by this current version of the London Living Rent.”

Notes to editors

Sian is available for interview

Sian Berry was elected as a Green member of the London Assembly in May 2016. She has been a councillor for Highgate ward in Camden since 2014.

Sian has previously pushed the Mayor to be bolder with his Living Rent scheme. He agreed to look into a living rent for women and students:

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