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News from Siân Berry: Mayor finally publishes 'long overdue' proposals for rent controls

19 July 2019

Mayor finally publishes 'long overdue' proposals for rent control

Sian Berry AM has today again pushed for a complete set of renters’ rights, as the Mayor has finally published renting reform proposals, and started to push the government for powers to control rents.

Since well before she was elected in 2016 [1] Sian has worked with tenants’ groups to ask for rent control powers for London. As an Assembly Member, she has repeatedly questioned and pushed the Mayor to campaign for powers over rent controls to achieve a series of linked renters' rights:[2]

•         to have a home of a decent standard;
•         to be safe from revenge eviction; and
•         to be protected from unaffordable rent rises. 

These rights are essential to give the growing number of Londoners and families in private renting a decent, secure home that they can afford.

Sian said:

"As a private renter in London for more than 20 years, I know how seriously high rents are affecting the lives of Londoners. The Mayor admits these proposals are ‘long overdue’, and the fact is these measures could have been proposed in his first year, but he has repeatedly delayed taking action until now.” 

"Private renters sorely need new rights. The three linked rights, to have a home fit to live in, to not face retaliatory eviction and not face crippling rent rises are vital. These proposals today are much needed but the Mayor is extremely late in standing up for renters and putting them on the table.”

“Instead the Mayor has delayed and failed to put together research until after I challenged him last November on his lack of action. I have lobbied the Mayor for months on this important issue. Furthermore, he has failed to disclose to the Assembly details of ministerial meetings where has lobbied for rent controls.” [3]

Notes to editors

Sian is available for interview.




Sian Berry was elected as a Green member of the London Assembly in May 2016. She has been a councillor for Highgate ward in Camden since 2014.

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