News from Siân Berry: Mayor should work with community on proper estimate of Grenfell lost

07 July 2017

Sian Berry AM has called on the Mayor as leader of the GLA, to work with families affected by the disaster at Grenfell Tower, as well as the police and fire brigade to help provide answers on the potential number of people lost.

Today at City Hall, Green Party London Assembly Member Sian Berry called on the Mayor to help provide an interim estimate of the number of people missing. [1]

Sian Berry says:

The Government and local authorities are no longer trusted by many local residents and the lack of an estimate of the extent of their loss is causing genuine pain to this community.

She asked the Mayor if he would step in:

I asked the Mayor, as the head of the GLA, and as many of the GLA groups have information related to the disaster, would it be possible to convene with the families, the Red Cross, the police and fire service and work with the families to agree a mutually agreed GLA estimate.
This is something that is possible and I think it would help a lot of people.

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