Coming up next week at the London Assembly - 12th June

12 June 2015


Tuesday 16 June

London Plan alterations

Planning Committee – 10:00am in Committee Room 5

Lower ceilings and more car parks could be the consequences of changes to the Mayor’s London Plan. This meeting will explore the rules for new developments in the capital.

The first part of the meeting will focus on the potential increase in car parking spaces, with the following guests:

John Lett, Strategic Planning Manager, London Plan Team, Greater London Authority (GLA)

Peter Heath, Senior Planner, London Plan Team, GLA

Peter Wright, Transport for London (TfL)

Michael Bach, London Forum of Civic and Amenity Societies

William McKee, Chair, Outer London Commission

James MacColl, Head of Campaigns, Campaign for Better Transport

The second part of the meeting will look at housing design changes with the following:

John Lett, Strategic Planning Manager, London Plan Team, GLA

Jennifer Peters, Senior Strategic Planner, London Plan Team, GLA

Celeste Guisti, Senior Strategic Planner, London Plan Team, GLA

MEDIA CONTACT: Ash Singleton on 020 7983 5769

Wednesday 17 June

Mayor’s Question Time – 10:00am in the Chamber

The Mayor will face questions from London Assembly members on subjects including:

How many Cycle Superhighways will be completed by the time he leaves office?

The number of cyclists Killed or Seriously Injured on London's roads, had risen to 21% in 2013. What more can be done to make cycling safer in London?

Should train operators and TfL do more to promote the fact that commuters can receive compensation for late or cancelled journeys?

What net addition to the social housing stock in London should he be making each year?

MEDIA CONTACT: Alison Bell on 020 7983 4228

Thursday 18 June

Devolution to London

Devolution Working Group – 9:30am in the Chamber

Devolution isn’t just for Scotland: increasingly groups of London boroughs are campaigning for increased powers for their region.

The Devolution Working Group will hear from the following guests on their calls for devolution to east and south London respectively:

Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of LB Newham and Chair of the Growth Boroughs

Stephen Alambritis, Leader of LB Merton and Chair of the South London Partnership

MEDIA CONTACT: Ash Singleton on 020 7983 5769

Thursday 18 June

Third sector involvement in employment and skills programmes

Economy Committee – 10:00am in Committee Room 5

The Economy Committee will discuss the third sector’s role in providing employment and skills programmes for the long-term unemployed.

From 10:00am the following guests will be questioned:

James Butler, Public Affairs Manager, Social Enterprise UK

Nehal Depani, Policy & Project Manager (Employment and Skills), London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC)

Duncan Melville, Chief Economist, Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion

And from 11:00am (approximately):

Kirsty McHugh, Chief Executive, Employment Related Services Association (ERSA)

Roy O’Shaughnessy, Chief Executive Officer, Shaw Trust

Dr Ian Thurlby–Campbell, Business Development Manager, Ingeus

MEDIA CONTACT: Lisa Lam on 020 7983 4067


Thursday 18 June

Affordable home ownership – shared ownership

Is shared ownership – ‘part-buy, part-rent’ - meeting its original purpose? Low income groups find it increasingly hard to access shared ownership, especially in inner London. And even relatively well-off current shared owners find it ever-harder to increase the share that they own. The Housing Committee’s report “First Steps On The Ladder” looks at how shared ownership can be improved to make it a suitable option for more Londoners.

The report will be sent out on Wednesday under embargo.

Case studies of current and former shared owners will be available on request.

MEDIA CONTACT: Ash Singleton on 020 7983 5769


Thursday 18 June

Solar power in London

Environment Committee – site visit to Loughborough Estate (Brixton) and Kingsgate House (Chelsea), 1:30-4:30pm

The Environment Committee will visit a community-led solar project at Loughborough Estate in Brixton, followed by a visit to Kingsgate House in Chelsea, an affordable housing scheme with a unique, environmentally-friendly design.

The visit marks the launch of the Committee’s investigation to identify the potential to generate more solar energy from London's homes.

Media are invited to attend.

MEDIA CONTACT: Mary Dolan on 020 7983 4603


For more information, please contact the media team on 020 7983 4283. For out-of-hours media enquiries, call 020 7983 4000 and ask for the London Assembly duty press officer. Non-media enquiries should be directed to the Public Liaison Unit on 020 7983 4100.