News from Leonie Cooper: World Car Free Day and Urging Councils to Apply for Funding

18 September 2018

Dear Editor,

This Saturday marks World Car-Free Day. It will be fantastic to see streets and public spaces across London, usually overrun with traffic, transformed to play host to events, activities and parties.

As well as bringing local communities together, the day will see many Londoners leave their cars at home and use more sustainable transport, such as walking and cycling.

The biggest impact of reducing congestion will undoubtedly be seen in improvements to London’s air quality. When roads have been closed in London for the Marathon and other sporting events, air pollution has been known to fall by up to almost 90%.

Whilst car-free days offer many benefits to Londoners, they can only momentarily lessen our capital’s dangerous levels of toxic air. It is clear that longer-term solutions are needed, and the Mayor is delivering some of these through his implementation of the T-Charge and the extension of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

However, I would urge Merton and Wandsworth councils to also play their part, if they have not already done so, and apply for a portion of Transport for London’s Liveable Neighbourhoods funding to enhance our local public spaces and make them friendlier and safer for pedestrians and cyclists.


Leonie Cooper AM

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