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News from Len Duvall OBE: Mayor gives backing to Lewisham based Community Land Trust

05 October 2018

In response to the Mayor’s announcement that he will be awarding the Lewisham-based Community Land Trust, the Rural Urban Synthesis Society, almost £1,000,000 to build 33 homes on Church Grove in Ladywell, local London Assembly Member, Len Duvall AM, said:


“To tackle the housing crisis locally, we need to look at creative solutions such as those offered by Community Land Trusts. This means providing financial and political support to smaller scale and co-operative projects, led by the community, that prioritise the building of genuinely affordable and high-quality homes.


“This grant will provide a significant boost for plans, based on cooperative housing values, to build a sustainable community in Lewisham that reflects the needs of local people, putting them at the centre of the design process.


“I welcome the Mayor’s plans to extend his support to more Community Land Trusts across the capital, and hope that Lewisham will continue to gain from the Mayor’s Innovation Fund in the future”.



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