News from Len Duvall OBE: Violent crime in Lewisham jumps 14% in the last year

15 January 2015

Violent crime in Lewisham has risen by 14.01% over the last year according to figures published by Metropolitan Police. The rise means an additional 837 violent crimes in Lewisham over the last twelve months rising from 5973 in 2012/13 to 6810 in 2013/14.


Across London, violent crime is up by 24% with 35,330 additional crimes Londonwide and rises in every borough.


The spike in violent crime comes after years of cuts to police resources with the latest figures showing the number of uniformed police and PCSOs in Lewisham has fallen by 107 since the last General Election in May 2010.


The Met has previously said increased reporting of domestic violence and reclassification of crimes may account for the rise yet the increase in Domestic Violence reports in the last 12 months accounts for only a third of the overall violent crime rise across London.

Len Duvall AM, Labour London Assembly Member for Greenwich and Lewisham, said:

“The 14% rise in violent crime in Lewisham over the past year is extremely disturbing, it means an extra 837 violent crimes compared with the year before. Equally as worrying is the fact Boris Johnson doesn’t seem to have a real handle on why violent crime is rising.


“If this had been a dramatic change in recording we would expect to see a one off spike. Instead what we are seeing is a worrying trend developing with overall violent crime across most categories on the up. I know police officers and their support staff are working hard in every borough, despite the cuts they’ve faced and the challenges that have followed. Maybe now is the time to consider different strategies to ensure this problem doesn’t get out of hand.


“Violent crime includes some of the most serious and worrying offences and people in Lewisham are right to be concerned. This rise cannot be dismissed as just a change in the recording methods, senior officers have accepted there is a growing trend in answers to myself and other London Assembly Members. The Mayor of London needs to see the jump in violent crime for what is, not a statistical anomaly but a growing problem they should be actively addressing.”


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