News from Len Duvall OBE: GPS tagging scheme for Lewisham to cut knife crime re-offending

12 June 2019

Tackling re-offending is a key facet in our fight against rising violent crime. This is why it has been very positive to see City Hall recently increase its investment in this area.


The Mayor of London is expanding upon a pilot scheme which has been operating in Lewisham, Croydon, Southwark and Lambeth, making it a requirement for knife crime offenders, deemed to be the most at-risk of re-offending, to wear a GPS tag after their release from prison as part of strict licence conditions.


I welcome the decision to roll this out to our borough and believe it will help to improve the rehabilitation of persistent offenders and protect victims. It should also enable the police to more effectively detect and prevent violent crime.


It is vital that we continue to come together as a community and cultivate a strong relationship with our local police teams. In this way, we will be playing our part in stopping more tragedies from occurring on our streets by sharing with officers any relevant intelligence and information that we might have.

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