News from John Biggs (past staff): John Biggs calls on TfL to protect night buses from cuts

21 January 2015

Local London Assembly Member John Biggs has called on TfL to pledge it will protect night bus services from cut backs when the night tube service is introduced in September this year.


The call comes following reports that hundreds of night buses which mirror night tube routes may be cut back. Whilst welcoming the introduction of the night tube Biggs said that if night buses were cut people could become less safe as they are left walking further from the tube station to home than they would from the many stops on a night bus.


John Biggs also raised concerns about the impact on disabled passengers given that many night tube stations do not include step free access unlike London’s buses.


John Biggs, Labour London Assembly Member for City & East London said:

“Whilst the night tube will be a great help to many people, night buses will still have an important part to play in London’s night-time transport system.


“At night more than ever it is important that people are able to get as close to home as possible. Whilst for some the closest stop will be a tube station, the majority of people will still rely on the night buses to deliver them safely to their street.


“What we don’t want to see is night buses cut back leaving people walking long distances home from tube stations late at night. That is why I am calling on TfL to commit to protecting night bus services. Any changes to the night bus network will need to ensure they do not inadvertently leave people less safe than they currently are.


“TfL should also carefully consider the impact on disabled people if night buses are cut back given many tube stations still do not have step free access unlike the bus fleet.”



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