News from John Biggs (past staff): "Heart of community’ Broadway gets visit from London Assembly

14 September 2012

Local Labour London Assembly Member John Biggs invited the London Assembly's economy committee to visit Broadway in Stratford this morning (Friday). They are investigating the state of London’s High Streets. The London Assembly’s Economy Committee, of which John Biggs is a member, will be visiting retailers across the capital to gather recommendations to help stimulate economic growth and promote our high streets.

Stratford Centre Shopping Mall has a vacancy rate of 10 per cent out of a total of 200 retail units. The Committee want to investigate how the opening of Europe’s largest shopping centre Westfield Stratford has affected the businesses on the high street.

Local Labour London Assembly Member, John Biggs, said:

“I'm pleased to welcome City Hall's Economy Committee to Newham so that they can see the issues our community is facing firsthand. Local people are deeply concerned that the nature of our high street is changing, and not necessarily for the better.

“The Committee’s visit and investigation will help uncover what we can do to ensure that there are more shops on our local high streets that will benefit local residents and make them proud of their community.”