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News from Jennette Arnold OBE: Tube Noise in Islington Must Be Acted On

29 October 2019

Dear Editor,


Excessive tube noise and vibrations continue to be a blight on the lives of Londoners- particularly those who live in homes above the stretch of the Victoria Line between Highbury and Islington and Kings Cross stations.


I have lobbied TfL to take action on tube noise on behalf of the many Islington residents whose lives have undergone significant and needless disruption. A few months ago, I arranged a meeting with representatives of TfL where they promised to undertake works across both sides of the line between the two stations to mitigate the problem.


Unfortunately, it has since been revealed that TfL’s progress has been particularly slow so far, with only 400 metres of track on the Southbound side having been worked on. This is a drop in the ocean considering the extensive scale of the works needed to address the track degradation on the line.


I have now written to the Deputy Mayor for Transport to reiterate that it is vital that TfL takes responsibility and steps up to complete the work as soon as possible to ensure that beleaguered local residents are deservedly given some light at the end of the tunnel.




Jennette Arnold AM

London Assembly Member for the North East

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