News from Dr Fiona Twycross: Almost 2 million Londoners struggling to put enough food on the table

26 June 2019

In response to today’s publication of the headline findings of a survey commissioned by the Mayor of London into food insecurity in the capital, revealing that almost two million Londoners struggle to afford or access enough food, Labour’s London Assembly Food Spokesperson, Fiona Twycross AM, said:


“These survey results sadly confirm the scale of food poverty and insecurity that we have seen across the capital in recent years.


“After almost a decade of reckless austerity policies and damaging welfare reforms, a scandalous number of families in London have been plunged below the breadline and struggle to put food on the table.


“This is also a consequence of the Government’s failure to adequately confront the burning injustice of low pay, despite continuously repeating the mantra that work is the best route out of poverty.


“I hope these shocking figures provide a wake-up call for the Government to reflect on their dire record and start to adequately support the most vulnerable and marginalised members of our society”.




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