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News from Darren Johnson (past staff): cycling budget to reduce by 60%

18 February 2016

London’s cycling budget will reduce significantly under the next Mayor, according to new research  The Green Party's Darren Johnson AM  has carried out.  A Mayor’s Question time response shows how TfL expect cycle funding to fall off a cliff in years to come.

Darren questioned the Mayor about London’s cycling budget after 2016/17. The Mayor responded that in 2016/17 Transport for London will spend £166m on cycling but this will drop to just £68m by 2020/21.

Transport for London predicts that cycling numbers will rise considerably over this period. These cuts to the cycling budget do not take into account further cuts that could affect TfL’s future spending as a result of the government’s comprehensive spending review.

Mayors response to future cycle funding question

Darren said

“These extreme cuts to the cycling budget are set to kick in just as cycling is set to rocket in London. The next Mayor should be investing consistently year-on-year to bring London’s cycling infrastructure up to continental standards, not letting funding fall off a cliff edge and leaving cyclists to face danger. The London Assembly agreed unanimously that cycling’s share of funding should match the proportion of London trips taken by bike and that would mean at least £200m of TfL’s budget at today’s level of cycling, not a pathetic £31m. I urge the next Mayor to spend more to make cycling safer and more appealing in London and to intervene to reverse these planned cuts.”

Notes to editors

Budget allocation for cycling in each of the years from 2017/18 to 2021/22?

The Mayor:

TfL is currently in the process of setting the budget for cycling in 2016/17 and beyond. The table below sets out the historic annual expenditure, the current year forecast and the draft budget for 2016/17 and business plan allocations for the remainder of the £912m ten year Cycling Vision programme.

Year       £m                          Source

2012/13 to 2015/16          302                         Actual spend

2016/17                155                         Draft budget

2017/18                166                         Draft plan

2018/19                124                         Draft plan

2019/20                66                           Draft plan

2020/21                68                           Draft plan

2021/22                31                           Draft plan                                           

Total      912                        


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