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News from Caroline Russell: Silver lining for Londoners in Rotherhithe Bridge cancellation

21 June 2019

Silver lining for Londoners in Rotherhithe Bridge cancellation

Following the news that TfL have pulled the plug on plans to build the Rotherhithe Bridge, Caroline Russell urges the Mayor and TfL to act swiftly to use the £350 million they had earmarked for the bring to bring in alternative schemes.


This shocking bridge cancellation may yet have a silver lining for people walking and cycling if the Mayor and TfL move fast on alternative schemes.

A fraction of the £350 million set aside for the Rotherhithe bridge could be used for a much cheaper ferry shuttle service. It’s my understanding we could be boarding these ferries on foot or by bike in four years if the Mayor and TfL work fast to build new ferry piers with relevant partners  – like the Hilton and the Canary Wharf Group.

The pot could also be used to fill the £14 million funding gap for the Diamond Jubilee bridge – a shovel ready scheme that has been crying out for more money from the Mayor. If he helps with this, a much needed walking and cycling bridge in west London could be open as early as 2021

I will be pressing the Mayor and TfL to get going on these good, people-friendly river crossings, and to make sure the ferry shuttle service is free, Londoners wouldn’t expect to pay to walk across a bridge and this new ferry should honour that.

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