News from Caroline Russell: Mayor should press ahead with ‘Car Free Days’ for London

23 September 2016

Caroline Russell, Green Assembly Member, has reacted to news that the Mayor of London’s office has indicated he is “supportive” of the idea of Paris-style ‘Car Free Days’ in London in the future.[1]

Paris will close 400 miles of streets to cars this Sunday to mark World Car Free Day. A YouGov poll conducted last year showed huge public support for similar ideas in London. [2]

Caroline Russell commented:

“It’s great that the Mayor will consider bringing a Car Free Day to London. I urge him to press ahead with bringing forward detailed plans and a date for this to happen.”

“Car Free Days are no substitute for decisive action on air pollution and traffic reduction, but they do send a powerful message about how a city without cars is possible and would have huge benefits for Londoners’ health and wellbeing.  More walking and cycling would help unclog London’s gridlocked streets, go some way to reducing air pollution and could bring £2.2bn of health benefits to the capital every year."

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