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News from Caroline Russell: London roads still dangerous for cycling – new stats

25 July 2019

London roads still dangerous for cycling – new stats

The rise in serious injuries on London’s roads, revealed in new data today [1], shows the urgent need for safer conditions for walking and cycling, says Caroline Russell AM. 
The latest data shows that the Mayor and TfL aren’t on track to meet their own targets to eliminate road deaths and serious injuries in London. The latest stats show:

  • A total of 4,065 people were killed or seriously injured in 2018. This is an increase of 5 per cent and within this total the number of serious injuries also increased by 5 per cent. This compared with the aim to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on London’s roads by 65 per cent, by 2022
  • A 14 per cent increase in people who were ‘seriously’ injured while cycling 
  • Overall cyclists killed or injured on our roads increased from 4,521 to 4,755

Vision Zero is the Mayor’s plan to reduce road danger and have no one killed on London’s roads by 2041. 

TfL say the increase in injuries reflects an increase in cycling overall. The Mayor’s Transport Strategy has a target to increase trips in London by walking, cycling and public transport to 80 per cent by 2041.

Caroline said:

These worrying statistics have again reminded us of the daily toll of deaths and serious injuries on London roads.

Serious injuries are life-changing, we’ve seen people who have lost limbs and will struggle to walk again, let alone the mental trauma on the victim and their families of being involved in a serious collision.

The Mayor still has the opportunity to make real strides towards reducing road danger, he should bring in 20mph on all of TfL roads, not just those in central London. He could introduce a rolling programme of funding for Liveable neighbourhoods, when bidding for the first round of funding opened in 2018 almost every borough applied for a grant but only seven won.

The Mayor should also bring in greater enforcement on our roads, from ensuring speed limits are kept to policing ‘close pass’ offences where drivers intimidate people travelling on bikes.

I’m glad more people are using bikes to get around, but cycling should still be safe. There is a long way to go before we reach Vision Zero, and at the moment we aren’t heading in the right direction.

Caroline Russell also asked TfL to rename their database of road casualties, at the moment it refers to road incidents as ‘accidents’ rather than collisions. In reality most ‘accidents’ are in fact preventable, not unavoidable mishaps.

Notes to editors

Caroline is available for interview.

[1] Casualties in Greater London during 2018: July 2019

and last year’s (2017)

[2] Naming of new collisions database, MQT by Caroline Russell, Mar 2019

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