Caroline Russell by Chris King Photography

News from Caroline Russell: London is no place for Silvertown

30 May 2019

TfL have announced its preferred Silvertown Tunnel funding and construction partner.
In response, Caroline Russell, Green Party Member of the London Assembly, says:

I am very disappointed to see the Mayor charging ahead with Silvertown Tunnel, we know new roads attract even more traffic and the Mayor’s own Transport Strategy calls on TfL to cut traffic – something it has so far failed to do.
We need more ways for people and goods to cross the river without using cars and vans. Although there is again mention of new bus services, we’re still in the dark on the cycle shuttle bus the Mayor offered when attempting to ‘green’ Silvertown in 2016. 
All that’s in today’s announcement are a few new bike racks, a pitiful figleaf for the massive increase in traffic and health-damaging pollution this toxic tunnel will bring. 

It has no place in a city that recognises we are in a climate emergency.

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