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News from Caroline Russell: Delays to ‘life-saving’ bus safety technology

04 February 2020

Caroline Russell today challenged Mike Brown, the outgoing Commissioner in charge of Transport for London (TfL) to explain delays to bus safety.

The Mayor promised to put Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), a technology that minimises buses speeding, on every London bus by 2021-22.

However, this potentially life-saving technology has been delayed to 2024, with TfL citing feasibility issues in a recent update to a TfL committee. 

The Mayor has a goal from his own Bus Safety Programme of cutting deaths and serious injuries on or caused by buses, by 70 per cent by 2022. The delay in fitting vital ISA technology could prevent the Mayor meeting his target. 

Caroline Russell said:

I’m disappointed by this delay to this life-saving technology. There continues to be a heart-breakingly heavy toll of death and serious injury on London’s roads with buses posing a serious danger.

This technology limits the drastic consequences that can be caused by human error – for example we know tired drivers are more at risk of accidentally speeding.

The Mayor and the next Transport Commissioner must ensure that speed limiting technology and other safety measures are not delayed, when they can save lives.

Notes to editors

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(delay detailed on page 125, item 7)

[2] Driven to distraction: Making London’s buses safer. London Assembly Transport Committee, Jul 2017
(page 48, appendix 2 shows commitment to full fleet ISA by 2021-22)

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(Page 44, section on fatigue and speeding, from TfL commissioned (at London Assembly request) Loughborough University report on Bus Driver Fatigue.)

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