News from Caroline Russell: Caroline Russell secures TfL concessions for a better Archway

01 February 2017

TfL have promised to make some tweaks to the way the new Archway gyratory layout works to help people trying to use buses and walking and cycling in the area, after questioning from Caroline Russell.

Caroline visited Archway yesterday with a representative from TfL and Val Shawcross, Deputy Mayor of London for Transport, to look at the problems people using the area are facing.

TfL have promised to put up clearer signs with bigger writing immediately to help commuters find where to board and change buses. The street improvement works have meant some bus stops have been moved – in some cases making the interchange challenging to navigate as now buses headed to the same destination stop at different bus stops.

TfL have said they will look at clustering bus routes, for example the routes to Muswell Hill, at the same bus stops so people trying to get there will only have to wait in one place, rather than choosing between bus stops which might not be close to one another.

Caroline also showed TfL the floating bus stop at the top of Holloway Road, which has a downhill cycle track alongside it and potential for conflict between people walking to the bus stop and people cycling past it. TfL will now consider installing a mini zebra crossing there. [1]

Caroline Russell said:

“I’ve campaigned for years to make Archway a less traffic-dominated, more people-friendly place.

“The new layout will transform this area and I’m grateful that TfL have listened to the concerns I’ve raised from residents and agreed to make some early tweaks to the arrangements.

“I’m glad they have listened to common sense concerns and I hope that they will consider the needs of bus users earlier in future schemes.”

Other measures TfL agreed to take following Caroline’s visit:

  • Look into whether more bus routes could be extended uphill to serve the Whittington hospital, and downhill to Upper Holloway Station rather than running empty and standing on Archway Road
  • Creating another bus stop to serve the Girdlestone Estate – either on McDonald Road by removing some London Borough of Islington parking spaces or on Highgate Hill but this would interrupt a cycle lane

In a meeting last week at City Hall TfL’s bus boss Leon Daniels agreed under questioning from Caroline that having different bus stops for common destinations was ‘confusing and difficult’. He admitted they had ‘not always been the best’ at considering bus route organisation but said they were ‘continually striving to do better.’ [2]

Notes to editors

[1] Caroline originally secured the news (in a Dec MQ) that TfL would try these mini zebras at a number of locations and set up a working group.

[2] Transcript from Transport Committee – 11th January 2017. London’s Bus Network.

But Caroline is still concerned about two other issues and will table two formal Qs to the Mayor in Feb:

Access to A1 northbound from St. John’s Way

Caroline Russell

I have received reports from constituents of a high number of vehicles u-turning on Junction Road as access to Archway Road has been curtailed. Is TfL aware of this, is it monitoring the situation and if so what are its findings? If not, will TfL commit to monitoring the situation?

Access to A1 from east of Archway – displaced traffic

Caroline Russell

Is Transport for London (TfL) monitoring whether there has been an increase in cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) using residential roads including Hazelville Road, Hornsey Lane, Stanhope Road and Shepherd’s Hill to access Archway Road? If so, please share TfL’s findings. If not, in light of residents’ concerns, will TfL start to do so?

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