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News from Caroline Russell: All Londoners need safer roads – not just inner city

24 July 2018

People in central Londoners will breathe a sigh of relief as traffic will no longer be allowed to speed through main roads from 2020. But Caroline Russell AM is urging the mayor to spread his traffic calming plan to ALL of London. [1]

The Mayor will cut speed limits in central London and a selection of town centres – but Caroline Russell’s research into road danger in outer London showed stark examples of people living alongside trunk roads such as children attempting to cross the A4 in Brentford just to get to school. [2]

Caroline Russell’s report, Hostile Streets, also recommended that the Mayor and TfL trial 20 mph limits in outer London, publish the results of trials TfL has already carried out and review speed limits on all of its roads. The Mayor has not committed to these things in his new Vision Zero Action Plan.

Caroline Russell says:

Although I’m glad to see these measures introduced focusing on central London still leaves out the majority of Londoners – there are still streets in outer London that are so hostile and traffic-dominated that people won’t even consider walking or cycling there.

I met people living in outer boroughs while I was gathering evidence for my report and found communities, living in new estates by large junctions, are often ‘hidden’ so drivers aren’t expecting to see people on foot or using a bike.

Vision Zero can’t come quickly enough – but it will never be realised fully if outer London keeps being left out. The Mayor must be bolder with his plans and commit to at least trialling 20 mph in outer London and reviewing speed limits on all the roads under his control.

People shouldn’t feel too scared to walk to the shops or pop over the road to visit a friend because they’re intimidated by traffic.

Caroline Russell proposed a motion to the London Assembly that the Mayor should introduce 20 mph where there is a pavement and people walk. The motion was not carried, watch the debate below.

What happened when I asked the Assembly to support 20 mph...

Notes to editors

[1] Vision Zero Action Plan

[2] Hostile Streets: Walking and cycling at outer London junctions, Caroline Russell AM, Dec 2017

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